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Democratic Candidate for the 16th District of Pennsylvania to the United States House of Representatives.





Climate change is real. Full stop. Failure to act now, means that our children and grandchildren will live in an unstable world. This not only means large scale disasters, rising sea levels, and an end to the hunting and fishing culture in Western PA; it means wars over resources and global economic crashes to the likes of which have never been seen. We will rise to this challenge in the only way we know how. The American Way. Bold and innovative actions must be taken to eliminate greenhouse gasses, transition to clean energy, and ensure that every American has clean water to drink and clean air to breathe. This will also create new, high-paying jobs, right here in Western Pennsylvania.

College Students


A college degree is the first step for the middle class. However, current policies that only benefit banks lenders have crippled an entire generation. First, we must cancel all student loan debt immediately. Simultaneously, we must make it illegal for banks to take advantage of Working and Middle Class students again, while providing tuition free education for students entering public service careers, and ensure that all higher education institutions are both transparent and accountable to their prospective students.

School Bus & Children


We live in a country where your zip code can determine the quality of your children's education, and this is unacceptable. This isn't the American way. Edward supports the creation of an educational system that trains and empowers the next generation, as well as adequately compensating teachers in every school district in Western Pennsylvania. We spend $36,299 per year on every single Federal Inmate, but states only average about $13,800 per student every year.  It's about time we started putting money where it belongs, and teach to the highest common denominators. We need to increase federal investments to incentivize state and local investments in STEAM, history, personal finance, and vocational training.

Home Continuous Glucose Monitoring Training


The answer to our healthcare crisis is clear. 

Edward supports a nonprofit, publicly funded, single payer, National Health Plan. Despite the Affordable Care Act, nearly 30 million Americans are uninsured, copays and deductibles are rising, and the for profit institutions that control the system have rigged it to focus on their bottom line and deny you the choices you deserve. 

A National Health Plan will lower costs for Americans, remove the burden of networks, decrease prices of prescription medications, and should completely eliminate all current healthcare related debt. 

Western Pennsylvania deserves a leader, not a follower. Especially on this issue. 



Edward supports common sense reform and the strict enforcement of laws currently on the books. He does not, however, support bans on any currently legal firearms. Gun laws should closely mirror current vehicle laws; including annual registration and renewal of every gun in the household, proof of valid licensing for the type of firearms registered and at the time purchase or transfer, and proof of transfer through a licensed dealer (who will perform the background check for a nominal fee of their choosing to complete the purchase). Edward also understands that there is a dangerous gap in federal laws, which he would fight to close. Those with a history of domestic abuse, violent criminal records, and have a history of mental health issues would finally be stopped from obtaining a firearm with the closing of this loophole.

Like most Americans, Edward also supports universal background checks at the point of purchase for all firearms. About 80% of all firearms purchased for criminal intent are done through unlicensed sellers. While it would be extremely difficult to eliminate entirely, by following Edward's leadership on this issue, we can, at the very least, drastically decrease all the meaningless violence that claims thousands of innocent lives every year.



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